Michelle Obama’s Advice To Young People In Her New Book ‚Becoming‘

It’s easy to be in awe of Michelle Obama. For years, Obama has preached how accomplishments are the foundation of confidence, and listening to her, so poised, so gracious, so confident, it’s hard to imagine she’s ever failed, been hurt or blundered in any meaningful way

.Artikel vom 18.11.2018, Forbes

In her new book, „Becoming,“ the former First Lady takes the opportunity to correct us, and recounts her life from the beginning: growing up on Euclid Ave on the South Side of Chicago, her journey to Princeton, to Harvard Law School, becoming a high powered attorney, marrying Barack Obama, raising her two daughters while working full time, transitioning careers, becoming a political spouse when she hated politics and her journey all the way to the White House. It’s inspiring, it’s raw and reassuring as she explains that she indeed has failed, often experiences self-doubt and has been hurt by things the media and other people have said. But she kept moving forward, kept doing excellent work and let her accomplishments speak for themselves.

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